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A Girl's Gotta Spa!

Calithea Skincare

Free Reign Farm

Laguna Herbals

HILANA: Upcycled Cotton

Feya Candle Co.

Fuze Body


Isle de Nature

L. Eugene Natural Skin Science

Sustainability is Sexy AF .

O'o Hawaii

Kailo Organic Chakra Therapy

Fragrance Foundry


Bombay & Cedar


Kiwi Eco Box


Les Creme

My Green Corridor

Newcastle Classics

Zayra Mo

A little bit about Bambooshit

Making the planet greener


Reducing single-use plastics to lessen our harmful impact on Earth. Good planets are hard to find. Let's take care of this one.


Eco-friendly products


Helping you source and swap out household plastic waste for our climate-friendly & ethical products.


Inspired by everyday actions


Changing our small daily habits to sustainable routines is something we can all do! There are simple steps we can all take to help minimise everyday waste.


Free shipping to Australia & New Zealand


Compostable & Reusable


Including Afterpay 

Better materials for the world 🌏♻

If we had a magic wand, we’d like to make sure every product would be long-lasting, inexpensive, easy to recycle/compost at the end of its useful life, and made from eco-friendly resources. Sadly, we don’t have that magic wand. But if we did, it would be made from the material that fulfills all of these criteria: bamboo!

Bamboo Benefits ♻

Bamboo Kitchen Collection

Eco-Kind Bamboo Cookware & Dinnerware

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Organic Bath & Body

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Want to lead a greener lifestyle?

Using these incredible bamboo products and skipping products made from less sustainable sources is a small way to be more earth kind this year. However, we can all take small steps to be more eco-friendly in our home lives, like not leaving our laptops plugged in, taking shorter showers, and everything mentioned in the video above.

Be greener every day.

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